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Being green is a shared responsibility. In order to promote best practice in pre-production and on-set for our commercials, we have opted to incorporate AdGreen’s Sustainable Production Agreement into our production process.  The agreement is intended to increase discussion and collaboration around sustainability, and offer a starting point for production companies who are new to working in a more environmentally friendly way. We require all production companies we work with to commit to the Sustainable Production Agreement during the bidding stage.


Please have a read, complete the shoot info and mark the items which you can commit to on this particular job. When you hit submit, we’ll be emailed a copy, as will you, along with your Head of Production. If it’s a service company job, they should also complete a separate agreement. We'll discuss what's been committed to upon award of the job, and we’ll also be adding a slide to the PPM deck, so that we can share progress with the client. 


If there’s anything you have a budget concern about, please let us know and we can discuss it. Similarly, if you have any ideas about incorporating sustainable behaviours into the script, either with props or actions, we’d love to hear those too (such as electric cars or solar panels in the background, compost caddies in the kitchen). We’ll check in with you throughout the job on how you’re getting on, and how we can help. 


There's plenty of helpful links as you go through the agreement, which can be referred back to at any time. 


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