Whilst working on the new M&S summer ad with Park Pictures last month, I was able to get some basic items, such as recycling, and reducing plastic bottle waste, ticked off of the AdGreen production checklist. Black Island provided real mugs, which could be labelled with a sharpie, as well as Vegware compostable cups for water from the cooler. We also asked those coming to the shoot to bring their own refillable water bottles to cut down on disposable cup usage resulting in almost zero plastic water bottle waste.

"At Island Studios, we are enormously pleased to be assisting AdGreen to promote green production. We have introduced a number of simple measures by which everyone on set is able to contribute to reducing our overall carbon footprint."

Steve Giudici
Managing Director,
Island Studios

With respect to the timeless topic of call sheets, the average production still prints 50+ 10-page booklets. As agreed with Park Pictures, we opted to print and pin up just a couple of A3 versions of the call sheet front page and crew list. In addition to dramatically reducing paper waste, the large display information was decidedly more convenient for crew than rummaging through a tiny paper copy! We also went paperless for NDA’s, which the agency were more than happy with. An iPad was used with the Notability app, and the runners spent a productive hour getting everyone on set to sign via the screen, after which the whole lot were easily emailed over to the agency. Handily, you can get more paperless tips over in our resources section.

"AdGreen has created a set formula that the whole industry can follow. It was brilliant to see the crew so positive - It was probably the first time I’ve seen eco measures actively embraced on set rather than just politely endured, and then ignored when no-one was looking."

Sophie Hubble
Head of Production, Park Pictures

In tackling food waste, Black Island Studios provided dedicated containers at the tea station that were emptied into main studio food waste bins at the end of every day, for collection by Paper Round. In addition, Island Studios work with Simply Waste for rubbish and recycling services. Waste sorting is done on-site at the Simply Waste plant, removing the need to separate recyclables on-set. Lastly what happened to all those flowers? Well, the art department, and some other budding florists on the crew, assembled bunch after bunch from the leftovers, which were then offered up on wrap. The prop swing went to an east London school, and the leftover materials from the custom-made dress went to textile recycling charity Traid. See more ideas for props, costume and more in our rehoming section.

A frame from the final film

A frame from the final film

Overall, communication was key to this effort. As well as on-set signage, we used sent crew a link to the What You Can Do page to let them in advance about our green endeavours, as well as getting all the info onto the call sheet and pre-shoot email. Three crew even cycled to Black Island...



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